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Automatibc SMT nozzle clean machine
Specifications 1. Input total power supply: single-phase AC 220V, 0.2KW. 2. Model of stepping motor:..
Multi-function stencil cleaning equipment
Mainly for the electronic industry SMT steel net, red rubber net, scraper, PCB \ PCBA and other prod..
SMT Solder Paste mixer
SMT high temperature bake oven
Placement head n parts | feeders n parts | parts camera | CPUs Box | control box | sensors | nozzles..
PCB magazine
High temperature anti-static SMT loading and unloading rack PCB automatic loading machine storage tu..
Drying cabinet
Dependend aluminum plate 2312 SMT turnover of aluminum plate baking dish
Dependend aluminum plate 2312 SMT turnover of aluminum plate baking dish..
Dependend aluminum plate of 2516
Dependend aluminum plate of 2516..
Dependend aluminum plate of 2718
Dependend aluminum plate of 2718..
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