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If you cannot find your question in the list ,please do not hesitate to mail it to us.

1.What feeder is used on assembleon fcm machine?
Assembleon fcm1 use mechanical feeder,fcm2 use eletrical feeder ,higher version machine compatible with feeder of lower version machine.

2.How can we pay for ordered products?
- Paid all payments before shipment.

3.Which kind of advantages offers your company compared with your competitors ? 
You can compare different aspects, if you take your decision to co-operate with our company .

- Guaranteed quality.
You can be guaranteed that the quality of our products is excellent today and will continue to improve for all technologies in future.
In “case of cases”  - like a hidden problem even not found at our careful testing and control - we’ll remake your order on our costs.

- We can meet your requirement.
We can do any model of smt spare parts - at quantities starting from one piece prototype and at almost any speed requested.

- We work for you.
Our specialists with more than 10 years experience in electronics work only for you as our partners. That means we act on your behalf to protect you,starting from your order until the hand over of the end-product to you. You save money and avoid risks.

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